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8 arms to love you...

Updated: Feb 20

sooooo... that whole vulnerability thing i was talking about before... it sucks because it's really hard. it sucks because there is always the potential for rejection. it sucks because most people walk around all masked up (figuratively speaking), never allowing themselves the freedom to be who they really are.

it could be for a number of reasons... maybe they're scared of rejection themselves. or maybe they're insecure. maybe their ego won't allow it. or maybe they're just narcissistic. whatever the reason is, it's certainly a valid one in their hearts, so i have to remind myself constantly to be gentle with people. i faced all of those things, too. being vulnerable is not easy. i learned that very quickly. it's not for the weak or faint-of-heart.

after contemplating all of this, my mind led me to the octopus. what i wish more than anything is that i could have EIGHT arms, just like this little guy, with which to love you. i wish i had THREE hearts in which to store my love for you, just in case you ever need a refill...

the octopus is my favorite sea creature. and you are my favorite everything else.

#LoveLouder #SlingOrDie #EightArmsToLoveYou

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