• Kimberly Wooten

adctd (part 1 of 6)

now that i have all of the sugar-coated trauma out of the way i can start recognizing what i have not fully understood until this point and start learning what to do with it... aaaaaahhhhh... the fuckery that we refer to as love... i'm clearly addicted to it. i don't feel like it's necessarily a negative addiction. and i am not looking to change that; however, i am definitely changing how i handle it and how i allow it to affect me.

they say sometimes people only stay in your life for a season. i wish the seasons lasted longer. every time the seasons change, i get sick. i'm not good at being sick. and i'm even worse at letting people i love go. no matter how much i try to tell myself i am. and even when i tell myself how bad they are for my path. they could be the one square tire on my bus and i would still be like, "it's cool. it'll work itself out."

love is a drug, for sure. it can kill you or it can heal you, like the right prescription. always give more than you take. the chances of being healed by it are far greater than being killed if we are more selective about the love we take rather than give.

#ADCTD #SlingOrDie #LoveLouder #WOO10

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