• Kimberly Wooten

ADCTD ( Part 3 of 6)

it is so strange to me how i can see someone totally different than they see themselves. how is that even possible? obviously, my perception is accurater than yours. what makes it so difficult for someone to see that and change their own vision? if we could install windshield wipers on eyeballs, i’d make sure you had a lifetime supply. but, none of that works because no one has developed windshield wipers for eyes yet. we have feet graters. gross. but we can’t have windshield wipers for our eyes. whatever. that’s so dumb.

our clarity fades sometimes when we love someone that hard. i feel like maybe it’s like taking a hit of ecstasy or lsd. someone once sent me a video entitled “love is blind”. i think she may be wrong. because maybe it isn’t. maybe, just maybe, love can help us see really well, but it scares us. the whole time you wonder if this is really happening. is it real? it can’t be. how is it possible to have someone so perfect in your life and watch it disappear so quickly, just like your high from the ecstasy or lsd? so, then i think… oh, damn. maybe that wasn’t true. maybe, it was all a lie. wait… was she insinuating that i was blind to something?

maybe this is where the addiction comes from. maybe it comes from your heart not matching your brain’s thoughts. maybe that’s why we get addicted to things. follow your heart. no, wait. don’t do that. use your brain! i think that’s where mine comes from. i am constantly trying to get my heart and brain to agree with each other. my problem is i listen to my heart over my brain. or is that really a problem? i mean, hearts are so much prettier than brains. lez be honest…

#SlingOrDie #LoveLouder #ADCTD

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