ADCTD (part 5 of 6)

raise your hand if you’ve ever seen actual hearts in your breath when that one person is around. heart-shaped smoke rings don’t really count! that’s kinda cheating…

love is so mind-altering. i imagine that it’s almost as if it’s all the drug highs bundled into one and it just pounds you in the chest until it finally breaks open. that’s the scary part. when your chest breaks open and you allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust that this person will be gentle with your heart. sometimes, they manhandle it and sometimes they are genuinely gentle with it. the shitty part is that we can’t always tell what’s happening in the moment. it’s hard to see clearly when your heart is pounding out of your chest. it’s hard to see with any clarity at all when she’s dressed in 80’s hawaiian gecko pants with a laser tag gun on her hip (honestly believing that she’s a sniper), a glass of wine in her hand, your super inappropriate hat on her head, and playing in the middle of a hurricane in near pitch black darkness.

***squirrel - “pitch” is the sticky, black or dark brown residue that comes from the distillation of wood tar or turpentine. it was used for waterproofing ships. and that’s where the term “pitch black” comes from. you’re welcome.

so, as i was saying, before i was interrupted by the squirrel outburst… when the smoke clears… when everything has become quiet around you… when you go to sleep at night… when you wake up in the morning… when you hear that song… that’s when the clarity arrives... who is on your mind? who would you give your last breath to if it meant you could spend one more second with them? my dudes, just tell them.

#SlingOrDie #WOO10 #ADCTD

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