ADCTD (part 6 of 6)

lez be honest, here… i’m not going to stop painting what has set up shop in my heart. this whole series has guided me, in the most effective way possible, through something i like to refer to as a shituation. i mean, for me anyway…

i definitely need a break to do some more light-hearted paintings, but this love thing will never leave my heart. it’s just being distributed in a different way.

our hearts are like a ball and chain that we lug around with us everywhere we go. if we try to drag it behind us, instead of listening to it, it feels heavier than it should. that’s what happens when i try to force and control what my heart is going to do. she’s a rebel and ultimately more stubborn than my brain. but, if i just leave pieces of her where she asks to stay, pick up the rest, and carry it with me, there is less of a struggle. i mean, it’s still heavy at times, but at least i’m not dragging dead weight behind me.

love is a shituation that cannot be undone. it cannot be forgotten. you cannot get away from your heart. no matter how fast or hard you run. no matter how hard you try… no matter how pissed off and mad you get about it… it’s not happening. it’s attached to you. the moment you stop listening to it, you breathe differently… if you even breathe at all anymore. and we all know if we aren’t breathing, our hearts aren’t beating. duh. when the beat stops, it’s over. don’t let the ball be stuck in your court when that last beat hits… pick that bitch up and drop a piece of it off on the other side like a boss. i don’t think it‘s possible to regret loving someone as loudly as we can. especially when our hearts finally stop beating.

i have definitely dropped a part of mine off on the other side. aaaand scene… #NoRegerts

#ADCTD #SlingOrDie #WOO10 #LoveLouder

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