• Kimberly Wooten


love is so complicated. like, all the different loves, though. love between friends, family, partners… one wrong move and the whole thing is messed up. and there are eleventy million different pieces. and they’re always moving. is there ever really a perfect solution? my brother would probably say so. he’s always been amazing at solving rubik’s cubes. what a freaking weirdo. but I love him! i can never seem to solve these things. there is always that one piece. i’ve heard love referred to as a game a lot. i never really put any thought into it. but, now i can honestly see why people say that. the games people play… for whatever reason, most people play games when it comes to love. i personally believe it isn’t done maliciously, but in an attempt to prevent a heartbreak of our own. unfortunately, i’ve learned that i am probably one of the most naïve people on the planet. i have a hard time seeing red flags. my own are included in that. i think that’s the naïveté shining through. i just never suspect that someone would play games with someone’s heart. not intentionally at least. love is always worth fighting for. it’s always worth trying to find a solution. even if you’re intimidated. just try. i think we would all find more happiness that way. even if you can’t ever solve it, at least you gave it your all. sometimes, you have to walk away from it. but, if you ever find that one piece… my dudes… super glue that bitch into place. don’t just try to replace that one weird colored sticker with the right one. we’ve all done that. we will never forget that we did that and it’s not the same. i’m always surprised at how much finding that one piece will eliminate some of the gravity that pulls the soul downward.

#LoveLouder #SlingOrDie #WOO10

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