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it’s weird to think that Alice in Wonderland was published in 1865. so much time has passed since people first read it. and still, it’s remembered. vividly. it’s one of the most enduring stories ever written.

when you think about your life and the impression you will leave on this world… when you think about all of the souls with which you have ever come into contact… when you think about all of the delicate hearts that have been left in your hands for safe keeping… will you smile or will you be overcome with sadness and guilt? will you be sad that maybe you treated someone a little too harshly that one time? would you be sad if that person was no longer here because they allowed your words and actions to be the last things filed in their memories?

i think about that a lot. especially, during pride month. just like with each adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, only the illustrations have changed over the years; so it goes for humanity. we have mostly only changed on the surface. the heart is where the change has to happen to make a difference, i think. if it’s not in our hearts, it’s not real. love louder. always.

happy pride!

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