• Kimberly Wooten

give you the moon

i have to take breaks to clean my palate/palette before i keep moving forward with the ADCTD series. all of my paintings are super personal, but that series breaks my brain and heart a bit. so when my brain and heart hurt, i take a break and paint something a little different.

this one made me think just as much though. we all have that one person we would give the moon to if we could. dude, if i knew i could successfully steal the moon and bring it to someone, i would seriously wear tights and a cape to perform that feat. i’d like to say it would be strictly for aerodynamics purposes, but that would be a lie. i’ve given this alot of thought and i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have the same effect if i just wore my jeans and chucks. it would just seem so normal. ugh. i would probably wear some really cool socks, too. and i would most definitely have my dinosaur underwear on because they just help me in the courage department. there’s something about having t-rexes on your underwear that make you feel braver than usual. it seems to invoke an internal rawr for me. i feel like i need a little more courage when i plan something big like that.

who would you give the moon to if you could? have you told them that? to be honest, i don’t want to spend my life with someone if they don’t make me feel like i would genuinely risk my life and possibly prison time by stealing the moon for them. also, going to prison in tights and a cape is probably not the greatest idea, so she better be worth it… i’m not saying it’s a waste of time otherwise. no one is a waste of time. i just believe if someone doesn’t make you feel that way, it isn’t worth pretending they do. so don’t say it if you don’t mean it. save that shit for the person who lights your soul on fire. and then, absolutely say it.

p.s. i think it would be even cooler though if she would do it with me. no other adventure would ever top that!

#SlingOrDie #WOO10 #LoveLouder #GiveYouTheMoon

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