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Updated: Jun 16

it's interesting where inspiration comes from sometimes... this one just so happens to have started with my incredibly supportive employer. i've never been able to say that before. so, it's kinda weird. i am so lucky that i have a big girl job with a company that supports the arts and community.

in searching for lgbtqia+ non-profit organizations to support this month, i realized quickly there is almost zero support for lgbtqia+ youth in the gulf states. that made my heart heavy and my brain start running eleventy-thousand miles per hour. i can't get into any details right now, but this is unacceptable to me. change is necessary asap.

i can't imagine my momma and daddy looking me in the eye and telling me they don't give a shit if i'm bullied to actual death. like i deserve it for being gay.

i’m certain if my momma witnessed someone being hateful to me for any reason at all, she would unleash her pet dragons, who also happen to be clothed in designer apparel, immediately. the hell that she would bring down upon your life would be absolutely unbearable. i would never suggest making her angry in that way. my circle would be right there with her. every human should have that kind of support system.

how is it possible to look at your children and actually have those thoughts? i read a story the other day on mississippi free press about children being bullied and threatened because they were gay. the documentary i watched on youtube was heart-breaking. i heard all those kids just regurgitating the things their parents have taught them. so much hate. i don't get it. meanwhile, their classmates are wondering why they aren’t worthy of love. and this is why adults suck sometimes. okay, okay, most of the time.

we just go about our day doing stuff and things without any regard for anyone else. the overall suicide rate is astronomical. on average, there are 130 suicides per day just in the US. have you ever looked at the suicide statistics for lgbtqia+ youth? lgbtqia+ teens between the ages of 13 and 17 are almost 4 times as likely than heterosexual teens to attempt suicide. why would you ever want to be the person who provoked someone to commit suicide? at what point did we set up this ranking system of value on human life? and how do we justify it? how is it possible that one life is more valuable than another life? i don’t think anyone could ever make that make sense to me.

love is love. no life is more valuable than my own. my life is not more valuable than yours either. i love you. happy pride!!

#LoveIsLove #HappyPride #LoveLouder

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