moon ballet

i dream a lot for someone who doesn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours most days. i can’t sit still long enough to sleep. there is always something i feel like i should be doing. there are always so many works in progress at the same time. and there is always the big girl job. my sister and amiee have finally talked me into using a calendar to keep track of all of the things. they’re probably really tired of reminding me of the things i need to do and when i need to do them. i don’t blame them. i am thankful they’ve kept my ass in check for this long, though. if the calendar doesn’t work for me, it’s time for an assistant.

anyway, back to the dreaming thing. i am a visual person. my imagination is operating at warp speed at all times. it never stops. even when i take a nap. i’ve never said this out loud because it makes me sound like a weirdo, but every word you ever say to me takes on a color and shape of some form in my brain. every sound… every emotion… every smell… every touch… everything is being turned into something visual in my brain. sometimes, it gets really crowded in there.

i hope dreaming is healthy. i daydream a lot, too. i wonder if it would stop if i slept more…

so, i was actually driving back from a quick little jam and setlist brainstorming session with my bonus brother, mikey, and daydreaming when this image just plastered itself onto my brain. i think it’s just trying to remind me to slow down sometimes. stop rushing. you haven’t played in the rain in while. you haven’t laid in the grass to watch the moon play in the sky in a bit. slow tf down. why are you the way that you are?

i definitely sat in the yard to watch the moon while i was waiting for the layers to dry on this one. damn, was she beautiful…

have you ever thought about how ew life would be if we never slowed down to do the “stupid” shit? like, how miserable would it be to wake up every morning just to live that whole robot lifestyle? i mean, i like robots. especially the vintage toy robots. obsessed. but how often do we wake up just in time to be at work and never even look at the sky and notice how beautiful the sun is when she’s waking up? i imagine that she sings to us and we ignore her most days. i mean, damn. how cool is it that we even get to witness something so amazing and magical?! do we even realize how insane it is to have a big ass ball of fire just hanging out in the sky?! and we just pass by every day like yeah whatever.

stop what you’re doing and go find something that amazes you to your core. hold on to that for a minute. think about it. meditate on it. that’s how you make me feel every time you cross my mind, which is every second of every day. you are amazing. in every way. i am beyond honored to have you in my life.

p.s. i think this is my cue to go ahead and purchase the jellyfish tank. that would slow me down everytime i walked past it. and you guessed correctly. it will absolutely be filled with moon jellies!

#LoveLouder #MoonBallet #Glowy #DayDream

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