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Updated: May 9

there’s a girl i used to know. i know, i know… it’s always about a girl, right? geez… anyway, there’s this girl i used to know. my dudes, she’s the only other girl i’ve ever known who enjoyed jazz with her whole soul the way i do. like, we would send each other jazz songs and we genuinely enjoyed the fact that the other would appreciate it every time. we knew we wouldn’t be judged for our tastes in music. i have a whole collection of jazz vinyls and i absolutely think of her every time i play them on my badass, very custom and custom-painted vinyl player. i still find myself wanting to share these jazz gems that I find with her.

we used to talk a lot. we used to share the same intense joy when we experienced something new. we called them adventures. and we definitely went on some pretty rad ones. i’ve never met someone who experienced new adventures as intensely as i do. it’s weird to me how most people go through their lives, living so complacently. what’d you do this weekend? “oh, the wife and i went to the grocery store, watched tv, and laid out some new mulch!” i’m not judging, I just cannot wrap my brain around how that is considered quality or fun time with your girl/guy. my brain is just wired differently, i guess. i say, order door dash, pay someone to do the yard work, or buy everything you can online. i hate spending my time in stupid stores just walking around. it’s a waste of time to me. i want to have fun with you. i want to wake up on saturday morning and both say at the same time, “wanna hop a flight to vegas for the weekend?” i want to get the bright idea to make out in the rain but then find out too late it’s raining too hard for that and laugh about it while making a drink with a puddle of water under our feet in the kitchen just to warm back up.

y’all spend fun time with your people! enjoy every single second of it. we are not promised tomorrow. don’t take your time or your people for granted. it’s an adulting trap!! and don’t forget to show them you love them. art is the only way i really know how, but i’m certain there are plenty of other ways! find them and do them!! if we don’t miss each other while we’re sleeping, we aren’t doing it right.

moving on… so, the entire time I was working on this project, those are the thoughts that went through my mind. i knew i loved her with my whole heart, but this is ridiculous. like, dude… i realized that i have shut off my heart to anyone who has approached me. wtf. and i have no idea how long that will last. i’m pretty content with just hanging out with my amazing friends and family for now. i’m hyper focused on my goals. i intend to be in a new home and working remotely in a new, but familiar city next year. and i will fill it with genuine and unconditional love with my people.

as i pack this rolly aroundy thingy up and prepare it for shipping, i will allow myself to think these thoughts about the girl i used to know. i will allow my heart to feel all of those things again, because that’s what i’ve learned to do in this weird healing/growth path i’m on. and when she receives it, she will say, “it’s beautiful! thank you!” and that will be everything.

later tater!

#SlingOrDie #LoveLouder #WOO10

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