• Kimberly Wooten

sow love. reap love.

back to my roots, baby! who knew? in my decision to love without hesitation, it became clear to me that love simply begets more love. it’s insane that it took me so long to get to this point because this is one of the most important lessons my momma and daddy ever drilled into my brain. i obviously didn’t really recognize that until now. it’s true, though, you reap what you sow. life is amazing, and while I rarely forget to do stuff like stop on the side of the road to smile at an incredible sunset or stomp in the middle of a water puddle (as long as i’m not wearing my gangsta shoes), i’ve never taken the time to focus on the incredible amount of love in my life. i had no idea i consumed so much. i’m definitely a fatty for love. my parents, God bless them, were incredibly loving. there was never a day that passed without a kiss on top of the head and a hug that would make all the darkness in my sky disappear. there was never a shortage of i’m proud of yous and i love yous. oddly enough, my parents have been divorced since was about 2 years old. i’ve been hyper-aware for a long time that they were a couple of weirdos, according to societal standards. only because they were so respectful to each other. they were so supportive of each other. and they never made us feel bad about loving the other parent. it’s weird because we all know divorce doesn’t just happen. things don’t end because everyone is happy, yeah? but, they also never travelled the same path that so many divorced parents do.

weirdos… but i’m so grateful they’re mine.

my mind is completely blown by the fact that I was so ignorant to what they were teaching us all those years. it’s like i wasn’t even present. so, maybe i’m the weirdo? probably…

whatever… my point is, you get what you give. sometimes, it’s hard to not be a jerk face, especially when i’m hungry or when i can’t get my hands on the latest nike sb releases, but i work on it every day. i feel like if i navigate my way through life with nothing but love in my heart, i’ll receive so much love that i’ll have no other choice but to give it out in larger and larger quantities. like costco-sized quantities, because i don’t have that kind of storage space. and that makes my heart smile.

#LoveLouder #SlingOrDie #SowLoveReapLove

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